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"Unbridled" Horse Monument   

limited edition lifesize monumental horse bronze sculpture by Jocelyn Lillpop Russell

     Limited Edition of 11.

Horse Monument Size: Life-size plus 1/8. Jocelyn Lillpop Russell is one of the nation's fastest rising wildlife artists. Born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado, her focus has been primarily Big Game and Predators native to the Rocky Mountains. We have seen a lot of monumental horses, but Please call for availability and production time. This piece is made to order and may take several months to complete depending on the artists schedule.Commissioned for a business in Texas, the horse monument "Unbridled" was completed and delivered to Auston in March of 2002. The horse is 1/8 larger than life, standing over seven feet high and over ten feet in length, including the tail.

    $66,000.00 Please View Photo Gallery photo page

 Jocelyn sculpting monumental horse "Unbridled" 

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