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Wooly Chaps

Original size Wooly Chaps is 22" by 17".

Frederic Remington (1861-1909)
"Wooly Chaps" This beautiful bronze was created in the lost wax bronze casting process and has been hand finished by skilled artists. Each piece is a one of a kind and is 100% bronze. It measures approximately 22 inches high by 17 inches long and it is mounted on a beautiful solid marble base. This beautiful bronze retails for $1800.00.

Remington created Wooly Chaps after switching his casting to Roman Bronze Works. Once Remington started using the lost wax casting process he realized how easy it was to manipulate each individual wax to his liking making each casting with different characteristics. Wooly Chaps was created off of the famous bronze the Bronco Buster. Remington made a few changes he liked such as adding the wooly chaps, changing the horses tail and adding more texture to the horses body hair. This was Remington's final version of the Bronco Buster.

$129.00 size 8" by 7"

$201.00 size 12" by 11"

$533.00 size 21" by 16" Best Seller

$1149.00 size 32" by 28


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